Our Clients

At Bryant Asset Management our primary focus is on providing exceptional service. Typically, a client first comes to us as a successful professional in his or her 40s or 50s with personal and retirement savings in excess of $500,000 and a desire to protect and grow that wealth to ensure a comfortable retirement and perhaps a legacy for his or her family. Because of our holistic approach that includes a comprehensive assessment of the client's values, needs, and desires as well as development of a detailed financial plan as a map to success, our clients look to us to help them make their financial dreams come true.

Another typical client of Bryant Asset Management is the small business owner looking to provide comfort and security for his family and his or her employees. We work with this client to provide a customized package of investments, insurance, and employee benefits to give him or her financial security and the confidence to concentrate on growing his or her business.

Many of our clients are extended families—multigenerational relationships that include three and sometimes four generations—all at different stages of their financial lives. This can be especially helpful to clients since, over time, we gain a high level of understanding of their family dynamic and can provide financial continuity and enhanced communication from generation to generation. Estate planning issues become a group effort among our staff and all the members of the family, easing the sometimes difficult process of keeping all affected parties "in the loop" and working together toward their common goals. And when life's inevitable transitions occur, we are already familiar with everyone involved and able to provide substantive assistance with the many decisions that must be made.

As our practice has matured, we have made the decision to focus on that higher-net-worth client who demands the level and scope of service we provide. We do very little marketing, and find that—because we enjoy such a high level of client retention and trust—we are, for the most part, able to rely upon referrals from current clients and strategic partnerships to grow our business.

Our clients are terrific people, and we greatly value and enjoy the long-term relationships that have, in many cases, fostered solid and lasting friendships.